Metanoia are a rock band who play for The Rock Mass, a LOUD sacramental alt:worship church service.


Robb and Ruth Sutherland are musicians who met and married at university. Robb is a vicar in the Church of England. They are regular gigging musicians around Yorkshire playing pubs, clubs and bike rallies with Silverthorn. When Robb was training to be a vicar, they started doing Rock Eucharist services and together with a few friends put together Metanoia.  They now hold a regular Rock Mass service at  Holy Nativity church in North Halifax

Band Members

Ruth Sutherland, lead vocals, bass.

Robb Sutherland, lead guitar, backing vocals.

Mike Stoodley, keyboards, backing vocals.

CJ Knight, rhythm guitar.

Jim Muckelt, drums.

Metanoia have played events ranging from small churches to Minsters and Cathedrals and The Big Top at Greenbelt festival.

Robb Sutherland
Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Robb plays all of the guitars. He is also the vicar of Holy Nativity Church in Mixenden and Illingworth.

Ruth Sutherland
Bass, Lead Vocals

Ruth plays the bass and sings the songs!