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06 August 2020

Sanctum 2020 with Metanoia TONIGHT!! #Sanctum2020

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Covid-19 has really put a pin in 2020 for the Rock Mass. But that doesn’t mean Metanoia haven’t been keeping busy! Tonight, they are leading worship at Sanctum – only this year it is all online instead of at the Monastery!

Live at 7:15pm Tonight. 6/8/2020

Whilst we have all been stuck in spearate houses, the internet has allowed us to do some recording. There are three songs as part of our 1/2hr sacramental confession.

Ruth on Vocals and bass.

Robb on Lead Guitar and Production.

Becky on Backing vocals.

CJ on Drums and Rhythm Guitar.

Mike on Keys.

We are hoping to add some final polish and release some tracks as singles in the coming weeks so keep your eyes peeled!


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